Amazon, Wing e Uber oferecem principais serviços de entrega com drones dos EUA

Amazon, Wing and Uber Offer Top US Drone Delivery Services

O Wall street journal listed and explained how the three major US drone product delivery services currently work. Amazon, Wing and Uber are pioneers and have differences in drone design, flight altitude, speed and more. UPS, the giant shipping company there, also began testing, but not mentioned.

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Since 2016, the Amazon testing in Cambridge, England, the company tested more than 50,000 drone design concepts before coming up with the hexagonal model now used. With six propellers, distributed with a guard around its body, the drone has vertical takeoff, but can have its angle changed drastically without losing balance when at high speed.

J the drone of Wing, the company behind Google, which draws the most attention for its design, has 14 propellers in total, two of them large. A big difference from this drone is also in the way it operates, when arriving at the destination, it launches the product by a rope, without having to land to make the delivery. The company has been testing since 2014 in Australia and has completed 80,000 experiments, according to Wall street journal. To aid innovation, a partnership with FedEx and the Walgreens pharmacy network was established, starting the service in Christiansburg, Virginia.

THE Uber the one with the highest-flying drone, capable of reaching up to 182 meters, while the Amazon drone is around 122m and the Wing 60m. The Uber aircraft also has the shortest delivery time, due to the service radius (5km), the promise to deliver deliveries within 7 minutes. If we take into account the one with the shortest real time delivery speed and consider the service per application, Wing would win, it reaches up to 112km / h.

Here in Brazil, iFood is one of the first companies to perform drone delivery tests, making a route from the Iguatemi mall in Campinas.

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