Amazon will have sold more than 8 million Kindle in 2010

تقوم الأرض "بإطلاق الغازات" باتجاه القمر كل شهر

Amazon may end 2010 with eight million units of its reader ebooks Kindle sold.

If confirmed, the figure would well exceed the numbers registered in 2009, with an increase of 60 percent compared to the initial forecasts of analysts.

The accounts are made by Bloomberg, which cites sources close to the company, and estimates last year’s sales at 2.4 million, when readers of ebooks were the gadget revelation.

Last week, the company revealed that more units had been sold in the last 72 days than during the entire year of 2009.

The announcement was made just days before the release of the latest version of the device, implying that Amazon is satisfied with the results achieved.

Sales growth at this time will be particularly relevant, as this year the Kindle met a major rival, with the arrival of Apple’s iPad on the market.

In any case, arguments such as price or the extensive library of digital books may have contributed to the ebooks of the e-commerce giant compared to its competitors.

As a comparison, Apple will have sold close to 7.5 million iPads between April and September.

By the end of the year, it is expected to reach 10 million units sold worldwide.