Amazon «widens» Kindle

Amazon "widens" Kindle

To confirm the rumors that have animated the international press, Amazon will present tomorrow a new version of the Kindle, its e-book reader. The main difference, compared to the last version sold, is in the dimensions of the equipment, which will have a larger screen to allow the reading of other content, such as magazines and newspapers.

The new version will be called Kindle DX, will have a 9.7-inch screen and a pre-loaded PDF reader.

Remember that the current model has a six-inch screen area. Compared to the previous model, it introduced some changes, namely the thickness, which was thinner allowing only 300 grams of weight.

The price of the second version of the Kindle, presented last February, was the same as the previous version and was set at $ 359.

The press conference is scheduled for tomorrow, where it is expected that Amazon will present the news already anticipated by some press, namely The New York Times which advanced the first news.

You can now view images of the new Kindle here.