Amazon wants to take Kindle to the Web

Amazon wants to take Kindle to the Web

Just a day after the launch of the ebooks of Google, Amazon reacts with the promise of taking the reading of its ebooks also for the Web platform, through a website that will allow access to titles on any device with an Internet connection and a browser.

The novelty is advanced by Computerworld, which claims to have received a notice from the company via email, promising a demonstration of the new Kindle for the Web to take place this Tuesday.

According to the same source, the web-based solution «will allow users to read the books in full through the browser» and «to any website to become an ebook store» and sell the titles available for Kindle.

The planned dates for the launch were unclear, although analysts say a presentation is expected during CES, in January, for example.

After making Kindle applications available for the computer (Mac and PC) and smartphones, the Kindle for the Web concept – about which rumors started about a month ago – is classified as a «natural evolution» in the company’s strategy, offering a solution compatible with several devices.