Amazon Unveils 12 New Products to Take Alexa to Car and Microwave

THE Amazon has unveiled a number of new internet of things to take to personal assistant Alexa to every corner of the lives of users. What was expected of the company were new smart speakers, a fact that materialized in the form of Echo dot, Echo Sub and Echo plus.

Most surprising was the Echo Auto, a dongle that plugs into the cell phone slot of the user's car. He uses mobile internet to communicate with Alexa and provide the services of the virtual assistant in the user's car.

The Amazon assistant can also give navigation directions. The vehicular product can be used on cars without an infotainment system and cost $ 50 (R $ 205 in direct conversion) when it arrives at stores.

From left to right: Echo Auto and Smart Plugs

Another unusual device the Amazon Smart Plugs, which can connect Alexa to almost any device that uses an outlet. You can control Smart Plug through an Echo or Alexa application.

This allows you to turn devices on or off or set timers. Each plug costs $ 25 ($ 105) and hits the market in October.

J o AmazonBasics Microwave It is a microwave that features a series of voice controls that allow the user to heat their food quickly. Again, I need to use an app or Echo to control it.

From left to right: AmazonBasics Microwave and Wall Clock

It is even possible to order popcorn through the microwave by the Amazon Dash in markets where service is available. The product will cost $ 60 and will be released later this year.

O Echo Wall Clock It is a wall clock that answers Alexa assistant. It has a display to show any timer the user has set and displays the time automatically. There is no set price and it arrives at the end of the year.

In the part of the speakers, the Echo dot It has a new look with rounded edges and produces a 70% louder sound. It costs $ 50.

From left to right: Echo Dot and Echo Sub

J o Echo Sub brings a 6 inch 100W subwoofer. It can be connected with 2 other Echo to create a narrow 2.1 sound. Only the Echo Sub cost $ 130.

There is still the Echo plus, which has a smart hub for a number of connected devices. It features a local voice control feature, which lets the user control several smart home devices even without internet. The handset costs $ 150 and will be released in October.

From left to right: Echo Plus, Echo Show

O Echo show won a new version with 10 inch screen and more powerful speakers. It has support for internet browsers like Firefox and Amazon Silk and video chat support with Skype. The device costs $ 230.

H still the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp, which seek to bring higher sound quality. THE Fire TV Recast It has 500GB for storing TV shows and broadcasting live or recorded shows to mobile devices, Fire tablets and Fire TV.

From left to right: Echo Link and Link Amp; Fire TV Recast

To finish this long list, Amazon even presented the Echo Input, which is enough to compete with the Chromecast Audio. It operates via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm connector and even comes with a microphone.

The device does not have a speaker, so the user must already have a device to reproduce the sound.

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