Amazon takes Kindle to iPhone

Amazon takes Kindle to iPhone

Amazon launched a free application that allows you to access the contents of your player ebooks on the iPhone and iPod Touch. THE software which was available in more than 60 countries (in the United States it had been available since March), allows access to the Amazon digital book store, even for those who do not have a Kindle.

The information was advanced by Amazon itself, in an online statement. Since today, it has become possible to download through iTunes the new application that takes ebooks from the dedicated device to the smartphone from Apple, allowing synchronization between content on both platforms and also with the computer – through the software «Kindle for PC».

THE software records and automatically synchronizes the user’s bookmarks and the last page of the book that has been read, which are accessible on the three platforms where the Kindle is already available: Kindle, iPhone and PC. In the space of «a few months» versions for Blackberrry and Mac will also be released, Amazon said.

Also the notes and highlights added during reading on the Kindle will be reproduced in the version of the books that the user will have access to on the smartphone.

The ebooks they are accessible in color and in a format adapted to the screen of Apple devices, giving the reader the possibility to choose between 6 different font sizes and adjust the number of words to display per line.

The application allows you to directly access the Amazon store, to buy books or read the initial part of the works for free, even when users do not have a Kindle, using only the smartphone version.