Amazon secures patent for dual-screen eBook readers

(البرتغاليون) الرجال يفضلون الكتب الإلكترونية

Amazon has been able to secure a patent from the competent American body for digital book reading devices.

The patented equipment, according to information published by the organization and released by the specialized international press, incorporates two screens. On a larger screen, where the page to be displayed is displayed, a smaller screen is added that allows displaying additional information to that shown on the main screen.

According to information provided by the US patent office, the patent granting process was concluded on the 6th of July. The document describes the patented device as «a handheld electronic reading device equipped with a dual screen». It also details that it has «a main screen to show textual or graphic content related to electronic books. In addition, it incorporates a second screen positioned next to the first. This second screen includes a variety of graphic elements related to parts of what is being shown on the bigger screen «.

Problems between Amazon and Barnes & Noble are already anticipated in the press. The bookstore has become one of Amazon’s main competitors in this market with a generous catalog of digital books available and its own digital reader. The Nook, launched a few months ago, has two screens.

Barnes & Noble also set the tone for the latest price readjustment in the main offers of this market, reducing the price of his Nook. Amazon followed the descent on the Kindle and Sony, a few days later, did the same on its Reader.

There is now an expectation that Amazon’s next move may be the launch of a new device with two screens, something that Barnes & Noble should not be able to launch again.