Amazon prepares launch of digital music player and service

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award is preparing to launch a digital music player and enter a market hitherto dominated by Apple, with its popular line of iPods, which last year sold 14 million pieces of equipment.

The launch of the new equipment will be complemented by the availability of a music service that will work through a monthly or annual subscription system, guarantees the New York Times, which advances the news citing sources in the sector.

The system that prepares allows the user to store in the music player all the tracks he wants, content that will be deactivated when he stops paying the monthly fee for the service.

If’s entry into this market is confirmed, the company will have to face not only the leader Apple, but also other competitors such as AOL, RealNetworks or Yahoo.

For now, the company does not comment, although it admitted last week, during a conference with analysts also cited by the international press, that music is one of its areas of bet to grow.

The music player should be designed in partnership with a consumer electronics manufacturer and its value discounted for customers who access the music service for some time.

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