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Amazon Music gets free option for Android and iPhone, but with ads

In order to increase its participation in the audio streaming market, Amazon Music won a free version for Android smartphones and iPhones (iOS)

O Amazon Music, which arrived in Brazil in September, just won a free version for iPhones (iOS) and Android, based on ads, for those who do not want to pay the monthly subscription to the service. The purpose of the update is to increase the number of users and to capture a market share, which currently belongs to the Spotify.

Announced this week by itself Amazon, the free version of Amazon Music previously existed only on the manufacturer's smart devices: the Echo of speakers.

Now, users of Android, iPhones (iOS) and FireTV they will also be able to access millions of songs, playlists and radio directly from their device and without paying anything. But there are limitations.

Focus on playlists

Amazon Music PlaylistsAs with the free version of Spotify, Amazon Music without subscription also focuses on playlists.

As well as the Spotify free, the Amazon Music without subscription payment there are limitations. The focus for free users of the service, in addition to being based on advertising, playlists, radio and podcasts.

For those who choose not to pay the subscription Amazon Music, the service will provide access to about 2 million songs, even the number of subscribers to the Amazon Prime (service that includes benefits on the shopping website, in addition to subscriptions to the music and video platforms) and much less than who pays for Amazon Music Unlimited, which offers more than 50 million tracks.

In addition, the user will have access to the main playlists of the platform, such as All Hits, made up of the biggest hits in the world at the moment; and the Holyday Favorites, radio with the biggest Christmas hits.

Free Amazon Music availability

Amazon Music iOSThe free version of Amazon Music for iOS and Android is now available in some markets.

First, the unsigned version of the streaming of music is only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

The other markets will be added gradually over the coming months and there is no specific date for when the free version of Amazon Music reach users of iPhones (iOS) and Android Here in Brazil.


Streaming ServicesAlong with Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple Music are the largest music streaming services currently available in Brazil.

If you prefer to enjoy all the content of Amazon Music in Brazil, the alternative, for now, to sign the streaming of music, which comes out by R $ 16.90. The same value presented by the Spotify, but the difference is in the starter packs: the first four months of service from Amazon costs R $ 1.99 / ms, while the Spotify offers three months for R $ 16.90.

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