Amazon may launch Android video game console


android-gaming From according to Game Informer, Amazon would be working on a new video game console equipped with the Android platform and which could be launched later this year.

“According to those with whom we speak, who are aware of the hardware in development, Amazon wants to leverage the titles already available on its platform. The console would also have a dedicated store, ”says the publication.

GamesBeat staff, who also said they heard rumors from an Amazon console, published that the world’s largest store would have already shown a version of the system and would be looking for content, especially casual games, to run on the device.

“Amazon has hired a large number of game developers. Previously, they launched games for Kindle and Facebook tablets, ”he says.

In contact with Game Informer, an Amazon representative said he would not comment on rumors or speculation. Like Amazon, Google would also have plans to launch an Android console in the future.