Amazon lowers Kindle price

Amazon lowers Kindle price

Amazon yesterday announced a reduction of $ 70 (about 57 euros) in the retail price of its ebook reader, the Kindle.

The version that suffers the cost reduction is the one that the company designates as «Global Wireless», which has a 3G connection – which guarantees the connection to the Internet and the purchase of books in more than one hundred countries.

The device, which is also for sale to Portugal, will now cost 189 dollars (about 154 euros), instead of the usual 259 dollars (about 211 euros).

In addition to this version, since January, the Kindle DX, which has a larger screen and is also more expensive, has also been distributed nationwide, and for which no promotion has been announced.

Amazon’s announcement – aired via an online press release and already found confirmation on the price at which the devices are being sold at the online store – came just days after one of its main competitors, Barnes & Noble, lowered the price of your 259 to $ 199 Nook last Wednesday.

The Kindle maker covered the «stop» and now sells the 3G version of the reader for $ 10 less than the Nook 3G, although Barnes & Noble remains the one with the cheapest offer, offering a version only with Wi-Fi connection. for 149 dollars (about 121 euros). This company does not, however, have devices for sale in Portugal.