Amazon leads, and Apple falls again in ranking of more “intimate” brands

Amazon leads, and Apple falls again in ranking of more “intimate” brands

We have already talked here a few times about the ranking of “Brand intimacy” developed by the agency MBLM, a study that measures the level of “emotional connection” of consumers with the brands they adopt – and that shows, in this way, the invaluable value in building a strong connection between companies and their customers.

Apple led the study in 2018, but dropped to second place last year (the YouTube was considered the most intimate brand in 2019). Now, in the ranking of 2020, another fall for Apple: the giant of Cupertino is in third place among the most intimate brands, losing to the new leader Amazon and for Disney.

According to MBLM, Amazon won the study lead in 2020 for its “dominance and the size of its portfolio” – the retailer achieved a score of 68.3, against 67.8 from Disney and 66.8 from Apple. It is worth noting that the agency’s study covers 6,200 consumers and 56,000 brand assessments in the United States, Mexico (over there, Apple ranked third, behind Google and PayPal) and the United Arab Emirates (where it ranked first, followed by Google and Honda).

It is worth noting that the rankings are interactive and you can filter information such as the age of the survey participants, gender and more – and the result, of course, varies greatly as you “play” with this data.

About Apple, specifically, the Cupertino giant is the leader in industry assessments (that is, excluding consumer opinions), and has as its main archetype (the main quality of association with the brand) the Enhancement. There is no specific reason, however, for Apple’s performance drop over the past two years – opinions?

via Apple World Today