Amazon launches service to compete with Netflix, see how it works!


Finally, a big company is going to bid on exactly the same segment as Netflix, and we all have to win, I’m testing Amazon’s service and I’m going to tell you my first impressions.

On Wednesday, Amazon launched its streaming service, the Amazon Prime Video, officially for more than 200 countries.

Among the 200 countries in which the service was officially launched is Brazil, which now has a competitor for Netflix. In Brazil, the platform is still in English, but most of its videos have subtitles in Portuguese and some videos are already dubbed. Videos can be watched online, just as they can be downloaded so they can be watched when you are not connected to the internet.

The service, although it was initially distributed in many more countries than Netflix, has a smaller video collection than its competitor, but according to Amazon, several popular series and movies are already being added.

The service subscription fee in the initial launch phase will be US $ 3 monthly, and after the promotion the value will be US $ 6 monthly. You can still test the platform for 7 days for free, just register your credit card.

What did I think of him?

Amazon Prime Video

As soon as it was released I already started testing and comparing it with Netflix, which I think is inevitable.

To some extent, I believe they can be complementary products, especially if Amazon can bring content that Netflix can’t.

The interface of Amazon Prime Video is very similar to that of Netflix, only the animations are different and the way to show a preview of the content of each series or movie, of course this is a matter of taste, but particularly I still find Netflix with a more pleasant look.

Mr Robot on Amazon Prime Video
And there’s Mr. Robot! The/

The interface is in English, but this is a matter of time to be corrected, the settings interface is basically the same as Netflix, changing only the color tone. So far, I haven’t seen any options for setting up user profiles, which many people like to do on Netflix.

The price is competitive, even if it is charged in dollars and subject to currency fluctuation, the first months are very cheap, you will pay a little more than 10 reais, after a few months the value will rise to the amount that Netflix charges approximately for your simplest account, however, a positive point, is that there are no quality variations of the videos available according to the type of account, creating an account you will have the maximum quality of the video available, the negative side, is that you cannot share it, as you do on Netflix.

The Amazon Prime Video catalog is still not as vast as that of Netflix, but there are some gems over there, like the Mr. Robot series, as you can see in the image above and there are even some original Amazon productions, and I I didn’t even know that they acted like that too.

I confess that the launch took me by surprise, but I can remember that I had already “sung this rock” a few months ago, but with a video platform competing with YouTube from Google.

The promise is that a lot of new content will be added over time, the interesting thing is that Amazon had a lot of time to analyze the functioning of Netflix to be able to start with a higher quality than what Netflix started at the time of its launch, however , the future will depend on the evolution of the platform and its interface, but above all, its catalog, which still needs to expand.

Obviously we cannot be so demanding, after all, it’s only been a few hours since the service is available, it would be inconsistent, in my view, to judge Amazon Video Prime so soon.

Want to test?

If you also want to try it, at least for the 7 days free, just access this address and create an account, just like Netflix you can watch it directly from the browser, or watch it via the Smartphone App, this one even has a feature that Netflix recently added, which is the possibility to download videos to watch offline, without a doubt, very nice.

If you already have an Amazon account, you can use the same account, otherwise, just create on the Amazon Prime Video website.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the service, especially if you are already testing, please use the comments section below for this.

One thing is certain, the more competition, the better for us!

To the next!