Amazon launches new payment system

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PayPhares is the new service for making online shopping payments launched by Amazon Payments, a subsidiary of the online store The goal is to present a simpler and safer method of making payments online, without the need to enter credit card details with each purchase.

As the company explains, it works as a kind of «shortcut» that allows the user to make payments through their Amazon account, by entering only a phrase and a four-digit code.

The expression that will serve as a «shortcut» is created by the user, allowing him to choose a simple and easy to memorize phrase, which is associated with his Amazon customer data.

The service can be used for purchases at the company’s online stores, but also on other sites that include the method among the available payment methods, as already happens with the DKNY, Jockey or Buy virtual store, for example.

This method eliminates the need to enter credit card data on several websites or every time you want to make a purchase, which should provide greater security and convenience to customers.

The launch at this time of year is not innocent, those responsible for the launch expect an increase in the volume of online purchases associated with the holiday season and the economic crisis, which should lead more customers to choose products sold on the Internet, advances El Mundo.

Also, the online sales channel eBay announced earlier this month a new payment system called Bill Me Later, which will be available both on the auction site and through PayPal, which has already been adopted by online stores such as Toys R Us and Walmart.