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Amazon Launches HomePod, AirPods Competitors and a… Smart Ring?

Jeff Bezos and his gang were attacked today: at an event held in Seattle (United States), the Amazon showcased a range of new products for its line of devices Echo including handsets that, when released, compete directly with two Apple products: the HomePod and the Airpods.

Let's take a turn for the news?

Echo studio

The first of the day's news has the potential to turn on yellow lights in Cupertino's HomePod department. THE Echo studio Amazon's first intelligent speaker fully focused on experience and sound quality with three mid-ranges positioned at 360, a tweeter directional and one subwoofer 5.25 inch for an omnidirectional sound experience (optimized for microphones that calibrate playback according to the environment).

Amazon Echo Studio

The idea is to integrate Echo Studio with the retailer's new music service, the Amazon Music HD, which features tens of millions of broadcast music Lossless Hi-Fi (most of them in FLAC format). The speaker features 3D audio support with Dolby Atmos, and can be synced to 4K Fire TVs for playback of series and movie audio on your TV.

One of Amazon's big appeals is price: Echo Studio costs $ 200$ 100 less than HomePod. The device is already in the pre-sale stage, but there is no date for its release.

Echo Buds

We also have the Echo Buds, direct competitors of AirPods who put Alexa directly in their ears. Amazon has promised that the headphones bring “really great sound” with two drivers in each ear; we have touch controls on the outer surface of the headphones and access to Siri or Google Assistant (in addition to Alexa, of course).

Amazon Echo Buds

Integration with Amazon's deep wizard: You can chat with Alexa anywhere (as long as the headphones are connected to a smartphone) simply by uttering a custom command. It even features up-to-date Echo Buds: when you enter a Whole Foods store (for example, Amazon bought a loan chain in 2017), you can ask Alexa if that store has the item you want. The assistant can even direct you to the appropriate corridor to find you. 😳

Another great differential of the headphones is the presence of Bose technology for noise cancellation for those who do not know, the manufacturer is one of the world leaders in this area. Echo Buds are IPX4 certified for resistance to sweat, light rain or splash; the headset battery lasts five hours and can be quadrupled considering the extra charge of the case.

Echo Buds are also pre-sold on US Amazon for $ 130. According to the retailer, they will be released before the Christmas period.

New echo

The original product of the line also gained news: the new Amazon Echo keep your price attractive ($ 100) and the fabric-friendly design, but it brings an enhanced sound experience with new drivers of neodymium and one woofer 3 inch.

New Amazon Echo

An interesting new feature (which will soon be available to other devices in the line) Guest Connect, which allows you, when you get home, to simply ask Alexa to connect your account to that Echo device to gain access to your playlists and music preferences.

As with the above products, the new Echo is now available for pre-sale and will be launched sometime before the end of the year.

Echo Dot with Clock

The smallest product in the line, in turn, gained an older brother. The "common" Echo Dot continues to exist, but now has the company of the Echo Dot with Clock It is almost the same as the simplest brother, but it has an LED display on its front that can display the time, its alarms or the outside temperature at its location.

Amazon Echo Dot With Clock

Echo Dot with Clock costs $ 60$ 10 more than Echo Dot, and is already pre-sold on Amazon.

Echo Show 8

The retailer also introduced a new option for those who prefer their smart display speakers. THE Echo Show 8 stands between the original Echo Show (10 ″ screen) and the Echo Show 5 (5 ″ screen); here we have, of course, an 8-inch high-definition Amazon panel.

Amazon Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 features a video conferencing camera (with a “privacy switch” that turns off and covers the lens when not in use), and a new feature initiates a group audio or video call with everyone in the room. family who have an Echo device.

The new device comes out for $ 130 and is already pre-sold on the manufacturer's website.

Echo flex

We also have the Echo flex, a tiny smart speaker from $ 25 It plugs directly into the socket and can be positioned anywhere in your home. It has a USB port so you can charge other devices, such as your smartphone, or connect accessories. Two of them have already been introduced by the company, a motion sensor and a night light (both cost $ 15).

Amazon Echo Flex

Echo Flex, together with its two accessories, is already pre-sold on the American Amazon.

Echo glow

Amazon Echo Glow

Now we are starting to get into weird territory: the Echo glow basically a shiny ball of $ 30 that connects Alexa. There is no more information about why this business exists, but it can display millions of colors on its surface, enter a so-called “Bonfire Mode” or pulsate to the beat of the music being played. Like the rest of the class, it is already in pre-sale.

Echo loop

Want something even weirder? How about a ring with the built-in Alexa? Yes, because exactly what the Echo loop: A titanium device that you stick in your finger and have two microphones for you to talk to the assistant. A built-in vibrating motor gives you feedback on your commands, and here we have a small speaker of its own.

Amazon Echo Loop

The Echo Loop a product of the line Day one editions It's a new Amazon "new ideas" program that offers limited quantities of devices, available by invitation only. If the idea catches on, he leaves this “testing phase” and becomes a definite member of the Echo line.

We'll see what the results will be for now, the devices are pre-order by $ 130 (by invitation only, as quoted).

Echo Frames

The other product of the line Day one editions nothing less than a glasses frame. Yes: you buy the Echo Frames and already get your proper lenses together by prescription (or simply use glasses with two ordinary pieces of glass if you don't need to wear glasses).

Amazon Echo Frames

The frame has no projection screen or cameras; the speakers are embedded in the ear rods and are directed to the user's ear (which is not plugged in and can continue to hear ambient sounds). We also have, of course, a set of microphones for you to control Alexa; According to Amazon, enough battery power for the device to last "all day."

Echo Frames are also available for sale by invitation only. $ 180 but good to note that, for now, they only work with Android.


Amazon's routers, in turn, have earned a good price cut in the new generation. Now an Eero device goes out by $ 100while the three pack costs $ 250.

New Eero Routers from Amazon

They support two radio bands and adaptive broadcasting technology; What's more, they continue with their simple set-up process and the benefit of working together, with various points scattered within the house by simply plugging each one into an outlet. They can now be purchased from the Amazon.

Want more? So be sure to check out the new Amazon Smart Oven (an Alexa integrated electric oven), the Fire TV Cube 4K, The Echo Auto for automotive integration, and the Nebula Soundbar, by Anker, integrated Fire TV.

And the like? 😄