Amazon is offering $ 160 in apps and games for a limited time

Amazon menawarkan aplikasi dan game senilai $ 160 untuk waktu yang terbatas

Amazon is offering a package of 21 apps and games, which would normally be paid for, completely free. Discounts reach up to R $ 160 and the promotion will be in effect for one week. Check out more details in the article below.

The 21 apps and games offered by the Amazon AppStore are now available, and remained at the promotional price until next Wednesday (7/1). Among the offers is the Monument Valley game, which originally cost R $ 8.99, and comes out totally free during the promotional period. Even today, the game receives the extension «Ida’s Dream», a new level pack that can also be downloaded through the version made available by Amazon. Other apps included in the promotion are AVG Antivirus PRO (R $ 29.99), Simple Yoga (R $ 9.53), Arlarm Clock Pro (R $ 4.95) and AirReceiver (R $ 6.54). Check out the full list of apps offered for free by Amazon AppStore below:

Users who wish to take advantage of the promotion need to download the Appstore on their Android tablet or smartphone, and follow the instructions. Access can be done through this link.

So, what game or app from the promotional selection do you already have on your Android?