Amazon finishes migrating its services to AWS


Amazon is a giant in the technology industry, with services such as Twitch, Amazon Prime, shopping site and others. These services used Oracle solutions at some level. Well, not anymore.

On this 15th (Tuesday), Vice President and Chief-Evangelist (responsible for “evangelizing” customers, creating efficient ways and teaching them to use “factory” products) from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jeff Barr, made an official statement on the Amazon blog, announcing the migration.

According to the executive, services such as Alexa, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Fresh, Kindle, Amazon Music, Audible, Shopbop, Twitch, and Zappos, in addition to internal teams such as AdTech, Amazon Fulfillment Technology, Consumer Payments, Customer Returns, Catalog Systems, Deliver Experience, Digital Devices, External Payments, Finance, InfoSec, Marketplace, Ordering, and Retail Systems were migrated. Thus mobilizing more than 100 teams in the migration.

Only some third-party applications, which are strongly linked to the Oracle database, have not been disabled or migrated.

In all, 75 petabytes of data stored internally in nearly 7,500 Oracle databases were migrated to AWS, including services such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), and Amazon Redshift. The migrations were done with no or little downtime for the services, thus covering 100% of Amazon’s proprietary systems.

With this migration, Amazon intends to reduce costs by up to 60% for its database and customers, a reduction of up to 90%. Performance has also improved, the latency of consumer-oriented applications has been reduced by 40%. Administrative overhead on databases has also decreased by 70%.

To check the full post of the announcement, you can access it here.

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