Apple Watches stolen from Amazon warehouse

Amazon employees steal $ 100,000 worth of Apple Watches from company warehouses

News of Macs and iPhones being stolen from Apple stores is almost common, as Apple’s retail spaces are relatively unprotected and the high value of the goods there is very attractive to outlaws. Now, do you know what is less common? A load of Apple Watches be stolen in the warehouses of Amazon.

Apple Watches stolen from Amazon warehouseSome of the stolen products | Image: WDEL

That’s exactly what happened, according to the radio WDEL: Delaware police discovered four people who stole the equivalent of $ 100,000 on Apple watches from Amazon warehouses. The four suspects were employed by the retailer and worked as a team to deploy the Watches (and some accessories) from the premises.

The operation took place over a few months, and certainly required some specialization on the part of the suspects: if we base ourselves on the prices of Apple Watches sold today by Amazon, we can conclude that between 220 and 550 units of the watch were stolen, depending on the model.

Three of the four suspects were arrested by the Delaware police following a complaint by Amazon itself; the fourth person involved in the crimes fled. Some of the stolen items have already been recovered, but most of them have not been found and have certainly been sold in parallel markets.

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via Cult of Mac