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Amazon employee in India arrested after stealing $ 40,000 in products like iPhones and iPads

An employee of Amazon at ndia, 21, was arrested today after local authorities found he stole about 8 laks (~ R $ 40 thousand) on products like iPhones and iPads in a scam that he claims was inspired by two other co-workers who have yet to be identified.

According to Midday, Pramod Bhamble worked in an Amazon delivery warehouse and had access to all order numbers. What he did was buy pressure cookers in his name, which, when packing, he filled the boxes with gadgets until the weight was equivalent to the original product and he could leave without suspicion.

With electronics at home, Bhamble then intended to resell them at prices below market prices. In addition to iPhones and iPads, other tablets, cameras, watches, etc. were also found with it.

Mumbai police are already investigating similar cases as those reported by Bhamble.

(via Cult of Mac)