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Amazon Echo Users Discover New Mode That Makes Alexa Talk Less

Smart speaker users of Amazon, O Echo, are reporting on the famous forum Reddit who discovered a new "brief mode"for Alexa in their products. The new feature, which can be translated into something like" brief mode ", makes the digital assistant speak less while executing commands.

The staff of Android Authority cites as an example the lights out command (which only works if you also have a compatible light system that connects to Echo). In normal mode, if the user asks Alexa to turn off the lights, she responds with a resounding "OK". This is not the kind of situation in which a confirmation sound is needed, since you can see if the lights are on or not. By activating the brief mode, Echo will only emit a much more discreet beep after performing such action.

Users report that the brief mode can be activated by voice command, but also appears in the settings of the app, to be activated or no. Amazon has not made any official pronouncements about the news, nor has it promoted it, so it is likely that the feature is still in the testing phase.

Source: Android Authority. (TagsToTranslate) smart speaker (t) alexa (t) digital assistant (t) Amazon (t) Echo (t) brief mode