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Amazon Echo Dot: Everything You Need to Know

Many of the people who have not adhered to smart speaker technology have done so for their relatively high cost since they were first announced in 2014 by Amazon; Since then, other companies, such as Apple and Google, have launched their own versions of the device and prices have been dropping.

In this article, we'll look at the more affordable version of the Amazon Echo smart speakers, the 3 Generation Echo Dot, following our reviews of the Echo Show 5, the Amazon Echo, and the comparison between the three, which are the marketed in our country.

1. Body and Construction

The Amazon Echo Dot 3 Generation is the newest version of the compact line model; He looks very similar to his big brother, Amazon Echo, only flattened. Compared to previous generations, it is slightly larger, but in practice does not affect anything.

Their materials follow the standard of being of the highest quality, leaving nothing to be desired. It is lined with the same fabric as the other two of the line and comes in three colors: white, gray and black.


The biggest external change it has undergone is the removal of the plastic coating, which has been replaced by the aforementioned fabric, which ultimately gives the device a more premium appearance.

At its top, the user will find a model color panel with four buttons, two to control the volume, increasing or decreasing it, one to mute the microphone and one to talk to Alexa in the do not disturb mode.

This panel is surrounded by a translucent plastic ring that emits light in different colors to indicate what it is doing or happening. The colors are blue, violet, orange, red, green, yellow and purple.

The blue, if it is stopped, indicates that Alexa is listening to you and when it goes around the ring will indicate that your assistant is processing what you heard, preparing your answer. The violet light is exclusively to alert the user that a problem has occurred in the WiFi configuration.

Orange indicates that your Echo Dot is ready to set up; red will only appear when the mute button is pressed, indicating that it is off. If blue with purple light appears, you will know that the do not disturb mode is active

The green light serves as an indicator of phone calls, pulsing if you are receiving one and circling if you have answered and are speaking. Finally, yellow is meant to indicate that the user has unread messages in their inbox.

Finally, on the back, there are two inputs: one for the charging source and the other for headphones and auxiliary cables – which is not included with the product – which is always good, especially considering that most devices Current electronics are taking off, fashion started on iPhone 7.

Echo Dot Entries |

2. Features and Alexa

The innovations that have been made in the 3rd Generation Echo Dot are, for the most part, just aesthetic. However, there have been certain improvements in its performance in both the audio and Alexa sectors.

This device is designed for those who want a smart speaker with Alexa but do not want to make a heavy investment in it. It offers, in its greatly reduced price and size, almost everything that Amazon Echo has, as the main difference in capabilities, has a reduced sound quality, though still quite good.

The process of setting up and installing Echo Dot is quite simple, especially if you have other line products in your home, in which case all you need to do is open the Alexa app on your smartphone and click the add icon.

Otherwise, you will need to download the wizard app and log in with your Amazon account, then simply follow the previous steps to complete the installation.

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Alexa, as it has always been, is a fairly reasonable assistant, but that is to be desired in some areas, especially in understanding what the user is saying and being able to follow the same topic with the user asking several questions.

It allows you to control your smart home, listen to supported app music, perform searches of all kinds, including curiosities about movies or famous, weather, weather, forecasts, game scores, and more.


Echo Dot is a very capable device, with almost all the same features as Amazon Echo, but only in sound quality. However, its much lower price, costing half of the other, makes it very worth considering.

For a user who is curious about devices like this but has never had one, this is a great place to start. If you are experienced in the area and have several devices with Alexa, it is also good to consider this, as it is easily integrated with others and offers all controls in a smaller body.

And what did you think about our analysis of Echo Dot?

We hope you have been able to take advantage of our assessment of the new version of the line dwarf and that we have helped to clear up all the doubts you had about whether it was worth it or not. Leave us your feedback on it and also say if we have forgotten an important point.

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