Público is already on Kindle

Amazon ebook reader arrives in Portugal

Público is already on Kindle

The world’s most famous e-book reader will finally cross the borders of the United States. The company responsible for the manufacture and commercialization of the device today announced the availability, from October 19th, to more than one hundred countries. Readers are, however, already on pre-order on Amazon’s website.

Another novelty is the reduction in the price of the device, which cost 299 dollars (about 203 euros) and is now available for 279 dollars (189.41 euros), in the international version, or 259 dollars (175.85 euros), for US residents.

The difference between the two versions lies in the Internet connection, which will allow you to purchase books, newspapers and magazines online, from the device itself.

In the case of the international version, the connection will work through 3G connectivity integrated in the devices and adapted to the countries included in the list presented by Amazon, which provides access, without any added cost, to the more than 200 thousand publications for sale – all in English. – included in the Amazon catalog, which includes «suppliers» such as the New York Times, or the publishers Penguin, Lonely Planet, Atlantic Books, Bloomsbury, Canongate, Faber and Faber, Harper Collins and Quercus, among others.

The Kindle has a memory of 2 GB that can store up to 1,500 books, and provides a reading experience that is close to that of a paper book, but with a lower weight and thickness. The reader has a 6-inch screen and QWERTY keyboard, which allows you to mark and highlight pages and parts of texts or add notes to them.

The device also reads text documents and PDFs, which can be transferred from the computer via the wireless connection it integrates. Battery life can vary between 4 days and two weeks, depending on whether or not wireless is used.