Amazon denies free version of Prime Video with ads to beat Netflix

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The Prime Video streaming platform, according to the AdAge website, can win a free version, supported by ads. According to the foreign portal, sources linked to the advertising sector in the United States say that the giant intends to launch a version to attract more users and intensify the dispute with Netflix.

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With the free modality, the company’s strategy would be to reach as many people as possible and, over time, convert part of the new users to the paid subscription. However, in response to dnetc, Amazon says it does not plan to create a free, ad-supported version of Prime Video.

1 of 1 Amazon Prime Video can win free version with ad display – Photo: Disclosure / Amazon

Amazon Prime Video may win free version with ad display – Photo: Disclosure / Amazon

Prime Video arrived in Brazil in late 2016 and recently cut the price in half. The monthly fee costs R $ 7.90 in the first six months, and changes to R $ 14.90 after this period. The price is less than that charged by Netflix, whose subscription starts from R $ 19.90.

Despite Amazon’s denial, AdAge ensures that advertising executives are familiar with the new project. According to them, an eventual free Prime Video plan would serve as a new outlet for advertisements that have been losing space during prime time on TV. With the rise of Netflix and the Amazon service itself, users have increasingly migrated to ad-free platforms.

“Amazon is investing heavily in its own media and content, and thinking about how to make it available to the public. The best way to do this is through a freemium model, ”said one of the executives to AdAge.

The professional refers to the growing number of series and films announced or already launched by the streaming service. «Mr Robot», «Transparent» and «The Man in the High Castle» are some of the award-winning and most famous.

Also according to AdAge, Amazon is planning to make space on Prime Video also for independent authorial content. The purpose would be to try to get part of the YouTube audience. The company would be considering reversing part of the ad earnings to creators, in a model similar to that offered by the Google platform.

«Amazon is talking about giving content creators their own channels, and sharing advertising revenue with them in exchange for a quantity of content every week,» another executive told AdAge, anonymously.

In a note sent to AdAge, Amazon also denied the idea of ​​offering copyright channels on Prime Video.