Amazon creates video platform to compete with YouTube


Finally, a large company is creating a platform that may be able to compete with YouTube. Although Facebook has also invested in videos in recent months, even with livestream features, the fact that monetization is non-existent on Facebook alienates content producers, something Amazon intends to do very differently.

Amazon Video Direct, (a not so good name, in my opinion) is the service that Amazon is developing to be a competing platform with YouTube.

One of the differentials in relation to YouTube is that Amazon has already started its product with many possibilities for monetization, things that YouTube has only been thinking about now, with YouTube Red and YouTube Unplugged.

The Amazon service may be used by large studios and by regular content producers, such as YouTubers, to create monetized content as usual, such as on YouTube, but you will already have tools to create subscription content or the possibility to sell videos, sell content, such as courses for example.

Although it is difficult to estimate the success that the platform will have, the prerogative is very interesting. YouTube has been reigning supreme in this segment for some years now and competition is always welcome, so both products can grow faster.

As far as I could see the service is not yet available for Brazil, at least at the time of this article, you can create your service registration here.