Amazon Appstore Offers Over R $ 270 in Free Apps Until Saturday

Amazon Appstore Menawarkan Lebih Dari R $ 270 di Aplikasi Gratis Hingga Sabtu

In celebration of the four years of its worldwide launch, the Amazon Appstore is offering free apps and games worth more than R $ 270.00. The free application package will be available between March 19th and 21st.

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Amazon Appstore’s Fourth Birthday Brings Many Free Apps. / © ANDROIDPIT

Initially the app that opens the birthday selection is the suspense game Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 (original price $ 7.64), which is available for free today. The items made available in celebration of the anniversary will be added little by little to the store. Users who wish to take advantage of the promotion need to download the Appstore on their Android tablet or smartphone, and follow the instructions. Access can be done through this link.

Remember that applications installed from promotions like the Free App of the Day or promotions like this one are not removed from the cloud if you uninstall them from the device. If this happens, just log in to your account and check the ¬ęMy Orders¬Ľ items. There, you will find the app as purchased and free of charge.

And then, you already downloaded the Five Nights at Freddy’s 2?