Amazon announces new Echo Show speaker with built-in touchscreen

Far from me wanting to start here some new conspiracy theory, but the fact that sometimes these things seem absolutely combined.

Just last week, Phil Schiller (Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing) said virtual assistant devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home made no sense without a screen. And what happens today? THE Amazon Just announced a new Echo model with screen!

Amazon Echo Show

The new product called Echo show and visually reminds you a little of those digital frames that were feverish on Christmas 2008. The top of the handset is taken by a 7-inch touchscreen to watch video, track lyrics, check video cameras. safety, view photos, check the weather forecast or make lists. As the gadget has a front camera, it is also possible to make video calls with other Echo Shows or users of the Alexa application (which was recently updated with this messaging feature and a new interface).

In addition, the Echo Show has features very similar to those of its cylindrical brothers. The bottom of the device has two microphone speakers where you can activate voice commands and interact with the Alexa assistant. The handset is also a valuable component of home automation and can integrate with intelligent systems such as Philips Hue.

The Echo Show is now available for pre-sale on Amazon's US store and will begin shipping June 28. The handset, which comes in two black and white colors, costs $ 230 (~ $ 730) and consumers who buy two units will get a $ 100 discount during this initial period.

Did Schiller like it?

(via The Verge)