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Amazon: Alexa now speaks Portuguese; Echo devices arrive in Brazil

Last week, we talked here about the takeover of new products from Amazon and how the retail giant has the clear objective of bringing its digital assistant, the Alexa, literally everywhere just by placing it on every device around you (or on your finger). There was only one question: until then, it all seemed a little distant from us, since the devices Echo and Alexa were not yet available here. Now, everything has changed.

From yesterday to today, Amazon began its Brazilian invasion: the company announced that Alexa can finally communicate in Portuguese, in addition to starting sales of three Echo line devices in the national store. The appliances are:

  • THE Echo dotsmall smart speaker by $ 350 (in promotion by $ 250 during pre-sale, until October 7th);
  • THE Echo Show 55.5 inch smart speaker with front camera $ 600 (in promotion by $ 450 during pre-sale, until October 7th);
  • THE Third generation echostandard intelligent line speaker, for $ 700 (which will be released at a later date, and does not yet have a pre-sale promotional value disclosed).

The devices, of course, are deeply connected and have all of their operation based on Alexa's action. The assistant, however, does not “live” only on Echo devices she can also be accessed, for example, from smartphones. iOS or Android, through its official app.

Amazon Alexa app icon

The assistant is able to answer questions (such as “What is the weather forecast today?”) And perform basic commands (such as “Wake me up at 6am”), depending on the device. But the real power of Alexa lies in its deep integration with other gadgets: you can connect electronics and objects of all kinds assistant and use it as a kind of master of your smart home.

At launch, Alexa is already able to integrate with some national devices, such as smart lamps newly launched by Positive and the new appliances of Intelbras. It is also possible to connect the assistant to audio systems of the JBL and from Bose, in addition to other devices of Sony, gives LG and from D-Link. The menu is broad, and should expand rapidly from now on.

It's also worth noting that Amazon didn't just do a Alexa translation for Brazilian Portuguese. What we have here is a complete localization work, from the pronouncement of certain English terms (the national assistant speaks “ficebuqui” as we speak) to the understanding of certain commands (you can speak “touches Raul” and she knows what you mean, for example).

At Skills (name Amazon gives assistant skills) have also been adapted for our dear republic. At launch, you can now use Alexa to request a iFood, check the account statement on Ita or in Bradesco, check the status of a flight from LATAM and call one Uber. It is also possible to check the news from various portals, such as UOL, leaf, state, Look, G1, CBN, Young pan, Infomoney and Economic Value. Several other skills will be added over time.

Adding these news to the recent launch of Amazon Prime in Brazil, it is clear: 2019 the year that the giant Jeff Bezos decided to look fondly at our lands. If the company achieves the ubiquitous status it has achieved here in the United States and other territories, this other question is for sure that it will be very interesting to follow the next chapters of this trajectory.

via UOL