Amazon Alexa arrives in Brazil fully adapted to Portuguese

Amazon Alexa: cara menggunakan aplikasi di ponsel Android Anda atau iPhone (iOS)

Alexa, Amazon’s famous voice assistant, finally arrived in Brazil and already speaks the native language fluently. The feature, which promises to be a good alternative to Google Assistant and Siri (from Apple), was announced at a launch event last Wednesday (2), in São Paulo, and the dnetc was there to do some tests. Among the highlights, you can use your voice to order food, listen to your favorite music, or even interact with a meme. The voice assistant will be available for download in the main app stores starting next Saturday, October 5th.

Amazon Echo: line brings ‘speaker’ with voice command in Portuguese

Amazon Alexa in Brazil: voice assistant already works entirely in Portuguese

Amazon Alexa in Brazil: voice assistant already works entirely in Portuguese

One of the obvious features brought by Alexa was the possibility to request services already integrated into daily life by voice command. To this end, Amazon developed a collection of APIs and tools aimed at app developers to integrate their services with Alexa, the so-called Alexa Skills Kit. With such skills, users can order food via iFood, call a car via Uber or consult their account at Bradesco, for example, without having to go through the conventional access steps.

In addition, to add to the featured features, Amazon Prime subscribers will also be able to make purchases through speech. When registering the Echo device to the account, it is possible, for example, to ask for a football and it arrives at your home.

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Questioned by dnetc, the general manager of Alexa in Brazil, Ricardo Garrido, said that the commands given to the assistant for user experience will not be transformed into a personalized consumption suggestion. That is, according to the Amazon executive, if the user requests, for example, a food recipe for Alexa as a frequent behavior, the resource will not use this data to build a suggested purchase associated with the theme, such as a cookbook. or a set of pans.

Chatting in Portuguese

During Alexa’s guided tests in Portuguese, the proximity of everyday speech, a pleasant voice and natural intonation attract attention. To achieve this goal, Alexa’s international director, Michele Butti, says that it was necessary to observe the local habits directly. According to the executive «Brazilians have very different tastes, cultural elements and even humor and we wanted to build a new product entirely Brazilian». Thus, the voice assistant is programmed to recognize different types of accent pronounced in all regions of Brazil through technology text-to-Speech.

1 of 2 The company also brought new devices compatible with the voice assistant – Photo: Luciana Maline / Techtudo

The company also brought new devices compatible with the voice assistant – Photo: Luciana Maline / Techtudo

The company also chose to use colloquial language in favor of the cultured norm. Choice best reflects character conversational to generate the experience of «chatting with a friend». So, when talking to the voice assistant, you can hear English terms in a «Brazilian» way, a funny response to a meme, a quote from Clarice Lispector or having Rita Lee as Alexa’s favorite singer.

To use Alexa, the user must purchase one of their compatible devices. For this, the company brought to Brazil three speakers of the Echo line, which will serve as a spokesperson for the voice assistant. They are: Echo Dot and Echo Show 5, which are available starting this Thursday (3), at the Amazon store and at the Fast Shop. The Amazon Echo speaker, which has been revamped, can only be purchased in November. Prices range from R $ 249 (pre-sale) to R $ 699.

2 of 2 JBL and Sony phones compatible with Alexa – Photo: Luciana Maline / Techtudo

JBL and Sony headsets compatible with Alexa – Photo: Luciana Maline / Techtudo

In addition to them, some partner brands already have Alexa integrated into their gadgets, such as JBL and Sony headphones, LG smart TV models and Yamaha soundbar are some examples. The application itself will be available for free download in the main application stores starting this Saturday, the 5th.

* The journalist traveled to São Paulo at the invitation of Amazon

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