Amazom starts selling products through mobile phones

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Amazon continues to increase the level of competition with its rivals as it finds new ways to market its products. Now it has unveiled a new way of selling through mobile phones, more specifically, by SMS.

The TextBuylt service, which went into effect yesterday, allows consumers to write the name of the product they want to buy on their mobile phone, the barcode number or the ISBN of the same, sending it to the number 262966, the equivalent of writing Amazon in smart writing mode.

If the numbers or product description have been entered correctly, Amazon’s systems send a response to the user with two results for that type of product. Then, the user can choose to buy one of the products, writing an SMS back with the numbers «1» or «2», depending on which one he wants to purchase, or he can ask for more options, sending a written message with the text «M «.

After making the choice, Amazon asks users to send a new message where they enter their store account number, the email and the address to which the product must be sent.

From this process, the user receives a email purchase confirmation and can follow the order status through the Amazon website.

For now this service will only be available in the United States and it is not known whether it will be extended to other countries in the future.

It should be remembered that in Portugal Vodafone has a mobile payment service for purchases made on the Internet, which takes advantage of the TeleMultibanco service and which, for the time being, has only been applied in the Webboom virtual bookstore.

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