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Amazing Alex | Rovio competes with himself

Rovio today launches the new game Amazing Alex, a game that requires the logical sense of players to organize objects and create a chain reaction. There are over 100 levels and 35 different objects to use in order to complete the game. Does Amazing Alex beat Angry Birds?

I just played the first 12 levels of the game, and realized it can be seriously addictive, although of course, I wait for harder levels to really test my affinity for the game. Most curious is the fact that Rovio has stated that users will be able to create other levels to play, similar to LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation. By the time I reached the strategies were already assembled, I just needed to fill the spaces, which is kind of boring, I confess.

With this new Amazing Alex, the Android game developer will be able to show that on a disc artist s? Angry Birds has been downloaded 1 billion times. Rovio has created Angry Birds toys, board games and amusement parks, reporting gross profit of $ 48 million, 10 million more than in 2010 – much of it comes from merchandising.

So Rovio is about to become richer and more powerful than many handset makers if it really goes public for $ 9 billion as its investors want. If an app brought this, imagine two!

Source: Google Play