Amazing Alex and Tiny Wings 2 arrive on the App Store

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As expected, two good games for iPhone and iPad are already available on the App Store: Amazing Alex and Tiny Wings 2.

Amazing Alex

The new bet from Rovio (creator of Angry Birds) is a redesign of the old game Casey’s Contraptions, acquired by the company.

It is in the same style as the old one The Incredible Machine, of Windows, where you must form a path with objects found in the iLex Alex who, by the laws of physics, take a ball (or other object) to its final destination.

The objective, in fact, is to always recover the 3 stars present on this path.

The first stages are very easy (and therefore annoying), but the difficulty increases as the game progresses.

It seems that this first version is having problems connecting to Game Center, but this should be resolved soon.

It exists in two versions, for iPhone / iPod and iPad.

Tiny Wings 2

Imagine you are a bird that has very small wings, but really wants to fly.

His luck is that he lives on a very mountainous island, which allows him to gain momentum on the descents to gain height.

This is the principle of Tiny Wings, making the bird pick up speed in order to gain momentum on the climbs.

And it is not at all easy to do this, as it is necessary to master the right time to give impulse and let go.

Version 2 of the game actually appeared as a free update for those who already had it, in addition to the introduction of the iPad version, already adapted to the Retina display.

In addition, the game gained a makeover in the concept, with the addition of other competing birds.

Your goal is to try to get to your nest before they do.

It also comes in two versions, one for iPhone and one for iPad.

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