Amadine is a vector editor for macOS intended for beginners and amateurs alike.

Amadine is a vector editor for macOS intended for beginners and amateurs alike.

The world of vector editors is not very friendly to the beginner: most of the options available, starting with the giant Adobe Illustrator, have a steep learning curve, requiring several weeks of adaptation (or even training courses) by the publisher. user. Good, then, that at least one developer is trying to change that.

THE BeLight Software recently wiped off its new vector graphics editor, called Amadine, and he calls attention for its accessibility and improved interface already in beta the final version of the software should be released soon, along with an iOS application that is under development.

Amadine brings all the basic functions that a vector editor needs and goes beyond, with features that include more advanced users and even professionals. We have here a pen tool (pen) with multiple stroke types, a freehand tool (very useful for tablet users), a full color picker and a huge range of effects that can be applied to illustrations with just one or two clicks.

Amadine, BeLight Software vector graphic editor

While in beta, Amadine will be made available to consumers free of charge; After the release of the final version, the software will become paid (although it is not yet known whether BeLight will charge a one-time fee or market the service with a subscription model such as Adobe). It is therefore worth testing it right away to check its benefits and see if it fits your work or production style.

Amadine can be downloaded from its official website.