Alto’s Odyssey game is already on pre-order on the App Store

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THE Alto’s Adventure [R$16,90] is one of the most beautiful and well made games for iOS, with fans worldwide. The game was so successful that its creators promised for 2017 a sequel, which ended up being postponed.

Now, finally the continuation Alto’s Odyssey already has a release date, including pre-sales on the App Store.

The pace of the game remains similar, with the addition of some extra elements, including obstacles that use principles of physics and different biomes.

Beyond the horizon there is a majestic, vast and unexplored desert. Join Alto and his friends and start a constant journey on a sandboard to unravel its mysteries. Wander through wind-blown dunes, traverse spectacular canyons and explore long-hidden temple towns in a fantastic, remote location. Along the way, you will glide over vines, jump over hot air balloons, climb giant stone walls and escape perverse lemurs, all while unraveling the innumerable mysteries of the desert.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (sorry, Android) and is officially released for February 22. It can be ordered before that, but there is absolutely no difference whether you buy it now or later, as the game can only be downloaded from the day of release.

Alto’s Odyssey

Regular price $ 16.90