Altice Portugal expands service portfolio with MEO Energia and doubles data on customers' mobile phones

Altice Portugal expands service portfolio with MEO Energia and doubles data on customers' mobile phones

The telecommunications operator will be one of the first in Europe to enter the energy segment, joining the two areas and pursuing a strategy of diversifying the portfolio of products and services that already covers areas such as financial and outsourcing services, as well as ticketing. The offer is available to new and current MEO customers, with fixed communication packages with associated mobile phones, resident in Mainland Portugal.

"Today we are expanding the Altice Portugal ecosystem and expanding our offer, continuing to bring innovation to the Portuguese," said Alexandre Fonseca, CEO and President of Altice Portugal, stressing that it is a bold and unique project. "Innovation has been one of the key parts of our DNA," he says, recalling investments in technology, such as the launch of Apple TV, but also in products and services.

"We have a very clear vision for the digital future of Portugal and we believe that there is a key part, that is sustainability," he explained at a conference, saying that this has been one of the key areas and that it has materialized in the recently created Sustainability Office, but also in the products and services that the company launches. That is why MEO Energia is 100% sustainable, but it is also an investment in the Portuguese industry.

"MEO Energia also has a strong incentive for energy savings, also combining the convenience of associating telecommunications services and a spirit of sustainability concern", underlines Alexandre Fonseca.

MEO Energia launched through PT Live, a partner of Altice Portugal, with a tariff that the company guarantees is competitive and that joins energy, exclusively produced from 100% renewable sources, and benefits from communications. MEO customers have a set of advantages and associated benefits, saving costs and contributing to sustainability, because the energy is 100% green, but also guaranteeing the doubling of the internet ceiling on MEO customers' mobile phones.

The MEO Energiateve pilot began on October 2, 2019 and, according to the company, the last results achieved demonstrated that there is an appetite in the market for the offer that is now available. Joo Epifnio, Chief Sales Officer of Altice Portugal, says that the company made a survey with its customers to identify which areas saw the brand associated and the energy stood out in these responses. "People want simple things and easy change processes", he stresses, referring that users want to be able to change freely.

For the time being, the offer is only available in Mainland Portugal, since only a few Autonomous Regions the electricity sector is not liberalized. Joo Epifnio adds that the subscription can be made on the MEO website and that it is simple, with a simulator to test the costs against your current energy provider.

"In addition to the benefit of energy savings, there is a benefit of communications, with customers doubling the internet ceiling of their telecommunications packages", he stresses. In the online store, customers can also purchase various equipment connected to energy to optimize their consumption. The launch of the service will be accompanied by a communication campaign under the motto "Connect with a new energy".

High expectations for the new business area

As part of the partnership with PT Live, the company will change its name to MEO Energia, with the use of the brand, as explained to journalists. The connection between the two partners started some years ago with energy efficiency projects from Altice Portugal and was deepened with "the good work" that resulted, explains Alexandre Fonseca.

Although not revealing data, the CEO and President of Altice Portugal admits that the expectations for growth in this area are high. "We ate with a pilot and we already have a few thousand connected customers, and there is the benefit of being able to capitalize on our base of more than 1.6 million fixed network customers", he says.

The objective "is to be a relevant leader in the national energy ecosystem, in a fragmented market, where there is a historical leader", he explains.

Without revealing the investment made, Alexandre Fonseca stresses that this is an investment in the Portuguese economy, to "support a Portuguese company where we will continue to invest in maintaining and creating jobs".

For now, the offer is focused on the residential market, but it may be extended to companies. "We are evaluating the next steps", admits the CEO of Altice Portugal.

Editor's Note: The news was updated with more information after the conference ended.