Altice Labs is already working on 6G on a European project

Altice Labs was one of the first entities to enter the 5G development projects, in the Horizon 2020 program, but it is already preparing 6G in the context of the European Terra Nova project, as confirmed by Alcino Lavrador, general manager of Altice's innovation center , in a meeting with journalists on the 4th anniversary of the Labs.

We are in one of the 5 European 6G projects, explained the person in charge of Altice Labs, adding that this is a project focused on the transmission speed dimension of the next generation of mobile communications, which should be close to a thousand gigabits per second, but which also differs. for using non-terrestrial networks in the interconnection of antennas, through geostationary satellites or not.

In the 6G we will have wide antennas, which can be intelligent, wide and reflective surfaces, such as roads or building surfaces, explains Alcino Lavrador.

Speed ​​is one of the advantage points because latency reduction is also a relevant point. In 5G it is estimated that the latency will be reduced to 4 or 5 milliseconds, but in 6G it will be almost zero, with large-scale Edge communication. So we are going to watch direct communication between devices, with vehicles serving to transmit the communications between them, explains Alcino Lavrador.

Questioned by SAPO TEK, Alcino Lavrador admits that Europe has lagged behind in the development of the latest generations of mobile networks, such as 5G. Europe was only ahead in 2G, says the person in charge of Altice Labs.

Regarding 5G, Altice's innovation center has been working on technology for several years and Aveiro has been one of the pilot cities for the development of the network. Alcino Lavrador states that there are 5 5G antennas in Aveiro and that Altice has already done many proofs of concept, in a real environment, showing that the company is prepared to advance with services when there is a license.

Regarding 5G, Alexandre Fonseca, CEO and President of Altice, also stated that as soon as the licenses are issued, the company is ready to launch the service in a very short time.

As an example of how the company is using 5G, Altice is streaming today the event that marks the 4th anniversary of Altice Labs about 5G for employees across the country.