Altice invests in fiber optic and mobile networks in Porto de Mós. Coverage will be over 90% by 2021

Altice invests in fiber optic and mobile networks in Porto de Mós. Coverage will be over 90% by 2021

Altice Portugal will bet on reinforcing telecommunications networks in the 10 parishes in the municipality of Porto de Ms in Leiria. As the only operator to guarantee the region's optical fiber coverage, the company invests again, autonomously, privately and voluntarily, in this municipality, resulting in an optical fiber coverage of over 90% by 2021.

The investment is in line with Altice Portugal's strategy with regard to expanding and strengthening the resilience of new generation infrastructures. The company pledged to bring optical fiber to 5.3 million homes and businesses by the end of this year, and in March of this year it was almost five million.

Lus Alveirinho, chief technology officer of the company (CTO), is very satisfied with this investment and explains its importance. "Altice Portugal aims to invest in regions with low population density, in order to enhance its economic development and the expanded digital inclusion in several regions of the country", he explains.

The CTO of Altice Portugal also guarantees that the company will "continue to privilege the expansion of the optical fiber network within the country", maintaining the bet "on people and regions that are often forgotten". also in this context, Altice Portugal will guarantee the coverage of this territory with state-of-the-art infrastructures.

This investment in concrete aims to provide the inhabitants of the 10 parishes with a higher quality of service and more advanced solutions. Jorge Vala, President of the Municipal Chamber of Porto de Ms, congratulates the project of Altice Portugal, the only operator that responded to the appeal of the municipality. "Altice Portugal not only acceded to our appeal as it understood it and embraced this project that the Municipality of Porto de Ms has underway", he says.

In 2019, Altice announced that it would expand the coverage of the optical fiber network in Alto Alentejo, in an investment of 10 million euros, and that the optical fiber network would cover 85% of the territory in the municipalities of Covilh, Gouveia, Manteigas , Seia, Fundo and Oliveira do Hospital, reaching more than 144 thousand inhabitants.