IPhone 4 camera does pretty well, according to magazine - unless you've been drawn with one that doesn't work

Although the iPad does not have a camera, its simulator on the Mac highlights the possibility of taking pictures

The absence of a camera on the iPad surprised some, perhaps due to the lack of proposals for video conferencing, but its SDK on Mac OS X (analyzed briefly by earlier) highlights the possibility of the gadget taking pictures. Such discovery was made by CrunchGear, when checking the content of the contacts application integrated with the simulator of the new gadget.

When a contact is selected for editing, it is possible to add photos to people by tapping on the empty space at the top of the vCard. When you touch it, you can not only choose between photos Camera Roll, but there is also an option to take pictures and the entire interface has been implemented in popovers for iPad, something nonexistent even in the simulator for iPhones, available for almost two years to developers.

So, what is Apple thinking about how much ability to take pictures of your new device? Will he have a camera or not in 60 days?

(via MacRumors)