Although HP stayed with Palm, Apple and Google even considered their purchase

Although HP stayed with Palm, Apple and Google even considered their purchase

Until today, HP's purchase of Palm appeared to have been smooth, but it seems that the behind-the-scenes thing may have been a little far from that. Today the Silicon Alley Insider revealed that the creator of the mobile operating system webOS came into contact with 16 potential buyers until April, when the sale to one of the PC market giants was announced.

HP's time zone with Palm

Of the 15 companies that lost the chance to stay with Palm, there are some names that deserve to be highlighted, and the LEAVES went after details about them. Apple and Google had a huge interest in the intellectual property that their competitor keeps registered with the United States government, that is, their intention apparently was to dissolve the future acquisition and grab the almost 900 inventions registered by Palm during all the years that it was active in the market.

However, Apple did not offer enough to prevent Palm from being taken over by other companies according to sources, Ma would pay only $ 600 million, half of what was offered by HP, while Google ended up putting the dispute aside, unsure that its main threat in the mobile market would go ahead in a negotiation with the company. In addition, Research In Motion (RIM) almost managed to close the purchase, but apparently could not offer the same pile of money that HP has in hand, so it ended up giving up on the deal.

The most curious thing about this story is that potential Palm buyers did not give any initial value to their work with the webOS platform and their new generation of smartphones, but when they saw the opportunity to buy it, they transformed their last days as a company much more disputed than expected. Today, HP has several plans for the mobile platform created with the participation of the former head of hardware at Apple, which should act on both mobile devices and printers.