Alternative to the official software for online IRS

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Taxpayers who earn income on behalf of others have until April 15th to submit their electronic IRS declaration (model 3), through the Finance Portal. What many will not know is that there are free alternatives to the process of completing the electronic declaration on the government portal.

Although there are already other alternatives to the official finance software, Model 3 presents itself as a possibility for free and web-based use, so it does not need to be downloaded to the computer. It is compatible with PC and Mac.

The «very simplified interface» and the «dynamic simulation» are some of the advantages pointed out by the program’s creator, Celso Pinto, according to which «more than 400 people» will have filled out their declaration by this means.

For this, internet users need to access the service’s website, fill in the data related to the household and enter the respective values ​​for income and reductions. As the data is indicated, the service simulates IRS payable or receivable by the taxpayer, including the percentages reached and the limits of the various deductions.

Once the declaration is completed, a file compatible with the format accepted by the Finance Portal is made available, which can be submitted by the taxpayer.

The website guarantees that the service does not store in database any information provided with the declarations filled out in this way.

According to the person responsible for the development of the application, the service was created in partnership with Quodis and with the advice of an accountant, to «respond to the needs of those who do not have very complex statements and feel confused, or even frustrated, with the limitations and complications of the official Finance software «.

Editorial note: Following concerns expressed by our readers, the news was supplemented with information regarding the privacy of the data provided by completing the declaration through