Melhor alternativa ao Corel Draw

Alternative to Corel Draw for Linux, meet Inkscape

Get the best free alternative to Corel Draw, a cross-platform application that lets you work with vector drawings for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, Inkscape.

Best Alternative to Corel Draw

Inkscape – The Best Alternative to Corel Draw for Linux

Corel Draw is a very popular and well-established software in the graphic design market, many professionals (and amateurs) have their safe haven. Corel, which once had a Linux distro itself, has not released an official version of Corel Draw for "the penguin system," but that doesn't mean you don't have good tools to do this kind of work on it.

Inkscape is a very elaborate and totally free tool capable of doing works as interesting as Corel Draw, check out some works made with it:

Works done with Inkscape Works done with Inkscape Works done with Inkscape Of course, such programs require a certain talent to use and in people's hands some amazing work can be done, the images above were taken from the Inkscape official website gallery, you can see more works by clicking here.

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As I mentioned earlier, Inkscape is available for Windows and Mac for free and of course for Linux, including it is in the official repositories of virtually all distributions so if you want to install just look there.

If your distro is Ubuntu look for the "Inkscape" package without quotes in the Program Center, or if you prefer to do it with the terminal:

sudo apt-get install inkscape

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