Alternative to Adobe Flash Professional for Linux, meet Synfig Studio

Get the best free alternative to Adobe Flash Professional for Linux now, a complete suite for you to work with 2D animations.

Free alternative to Adobe Flash Professional

The Best Alternative to Adobe Flash Professional for Linux

For years Adobe has taken root in the audiovisual content production market with its various programs aimed at this end. Adobe Flash Professional (not to be confused with the plugin) is one of these "medal" software in the animation market, it has also been used for a long time to build animated parts of websites and over time it has lost its preference in this sector.

Nowadays it is widely used for artistic productions, but it is not available for Linux, but it is not because of this absence that you do not have tools to work animations, all thanks to Synfig.

Synfig Studio – Alternative to Flash Professional

Synfig Studio is an open source 2D animation program designed to be a powerful solution for creating even cinematic quality animations using vectors and bitmaps.

Adobe Flash Professional Alternative

With Synfig you can eliminate frame-by-frame editing if you want, saving you time in producing your work, ideal for use if you are on a project with few people, few resources and especially time.

Synfig Studio is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Synfig Studio Installation

You can download Synfig Studio without any problems. on the project website for Windows, Mac and Linux, but for Ubuntu and most Linux distros you can install via official repository, look for Synfig in the Ubuntu Program Center.

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