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Alternative to Adobe After Effects for Linux, meet Natron

Now know the best alternative to Adobe After Effects to use natively on Linux

After Effects for Linux is something that is really lacking for professionals in the post-production area, but it is not the only software to do what it does, there are other options, some very good and free like Natron.

After Effects for Linux

Use After Effects features on Linux with Natron

Today we are going to tackle a hot topic through Diolinux contacts, many people who migrate from Windows and Mac OSX find in Adobe's stand a perfect nook for their productions, especially visuals.

My goal with the article is not to suggest that the popular Adobe package is simply dispensable, I fully understand who adheres to the software and the integration that they provide, but coming to Linux won't leave you without tools to work with.

Best After Effects Alternatives

There are at least three good options for Adobe After Affects for Linux; Blender, Nuke and Natron.

Blender is very popular and a true "Swiss Army knife" in the field of audiovisual content production, it allows you to make effects, 3D modeling, video editing and even a game engine among other features.

Interstellar Scenes Made with Nuke

Nuke is a paid software and relatively expensive in its business license, which may distance it a bit from people, but in fact it is very popular among the professionals of the edition, several Hollywood films were made with it, as the relatively resentful and successful. "Interstellar".

Actually there are even other professional Linux software like Fusion and DaVinci Resolve, but I especially touched Nuke precisely because Natron, the subject of our article, is pretty much a copy of it.

Natron, a Nuke open source clone to replace After Effects

At first glance it may seem complicated to tinker with, maybe it seems at second sight too to tell the truth, but there are many possibilities for the program, see below for an example of what you can do with Natron.

Natron Open Source, free and multiplatform, is really a great option, especially since the Nuke tutorials that are available on the Internet will in most cases serve Natron.

Learn Natron's Basics

Of course we will not let you see ships, and before some tutorials about it on the Diolinux channel, I regret to inform you that I do not handle any video composition, or I handle very little.

But as one acquaintance would say, "The important thing is not knowing how to do, having the phone of who knows!", In my case the channel of who knows, check out a video lesson of basic functions of Natron:

Spread the word to this great tool by sharing the article with your friends, see you next time!

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