Alphabet passes Apple as the company with the most cash

Alphabet passes Apple as the company with the most cash

We all know that Apple's economic power is such that, when it comes to "cash money", we can imagine nothing but that vault where Uncle Scrooge swam in gold coins. Despite this, Ma is no longer the queen of the piece.

According to Financial times, a Alphabet (firm me from Google) took Cupertino's giant as the company with the most cash in the world. Only $ 117 billion kept by the Mountain View company against $ 102 billion Tim Cook and his class this considering net values ​​and discounting doubts.

The change of position is not free or anything: it is part of an Apple long-term plan aimed at reducing the amount of cash in the company. With this, the company took advantage of some tax reforms made by the Trump Government to repurchase shares, pay dividends and repatriate money invested in other countries.

On the other hand, Alphabet can now see some of the problems Apple faced when Cupertino's company was on top of the mountain of money. That is, investors may start pushing Google's me-company to use that money as a way to return earnings to shareholders as well as dividend payments and a share buyback program, who knows.

Having lots of cash in the box, after all, a double-edged sword.

via 9to5Mac