Almost half of Portuguese companies resorted to ICT outsourcing in 2006

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Forty-two percent of Portuguese companies resorted last year to outsorcing partial or total to ensure the maintenance of its activities in the area of ​​Information and Communication Technologies. The data are from the European Commission, which today publishes a set of data on the use of technologies in the business segment, produced by Eurostat.

These indicators reveal that with regard to outsourcing, Portugal is in line with the European average, fixed at 44 percent. Above this average are several countries in Northern Europe and below Mediterranean and New Europe countries.

Eurostat indicators also show that 90 percent of Portuguese organizations today have access to the Internet and that 76 percent use broadband Internet connections. A smaller percentage (42 percent) has a website.

Also in these indicators, Portugal appears almost always in line with the European average, which in the case of Internet access is fixed at 94 percent and broadband connections at 77 percent. With regard to website maintenance, the European average is significantly above the local reality: 65 per cent against 42 per cent.

In general terms, Eurostat figures show little progress compared to the previous year, with growth of 2 and 4 percent in terms of access to Internet for companies and the existence of broadband connections, which is explained by the high penetration rates already achieved.

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