Almost half of landline users have switched operator

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Over forty percent of users of the fixed telephone service (40.6 percent) have switched telecommunications operators at least once. Dissatisfaction with prices and the search for offers without monthly subscription are among the main reasons for the change, although prices have a large advantage in the reasons pointed out by respondents.

This question was mentioned by 48.9 percent of users when in the previous survey, carried out in February 2006, it was pointed out by only 6.7 percent of the respondents. The subscription is presented as the main reason for the change for 19 percent of users approached, 13 percent more than in the last study. Other factors, such as the desire to try new services or the lack of a voice and Internet offer integrated in the previous operator were also pointed out.

Among the users of the fixed network who changed operator, the vast majority (85.5 percent) decided to keep the same number, opting for portability, reveals a study commissioned by Anacom.

The study, carried out by Marktest, concluded that in December last year 59.2 percent of the Portuguese had a landline. Among those who did not have 4.2 percent, they intended to hire the service in the next 12 months.

PT remains the market leader with an 82.2 percent share of respondents with fixed telephone connections. The second operator with the most customers is Tele2 (13.1 percent) and the third operator is Cabovisão, for 7.4 percent of respondents.

A quarter of 3G mobile users access the Internet via their mobile phone

Most of the remaining respondents say they prefer the mobile phone (75.3 percent). The study also reveals that 87.7 percent of respondents have this type of equipment. The main advantage recognized in these communications is the possibility of being always in touch (49.1 percent) and mobility, pointed out as the main reason by 39.9 percent of respondents.

Twenty-two percent of mobile users already use third generation mobile phones, six percent more than in the study carried out last year, translating to a penetration of 16.7 percent. A quarter of 3G users access the Internet from their mobile phones.

Over 97 percent of mobile customers are satisfied with the quality of mobile services, although 19.9 percent acknowledge that they have already switched operators. Among users who have changed operator is the existence of a greater number of frequent contacts on another network that motivates the change.

Prices are the second most pointed reason for the change (44.6 and 33.8 percent, respectively). Number portability has less expression on mobile than on fixed, having been used only by 4.7 percent of customers who changed operator.

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