Almost 90% of Portuguese Internet users use social networks

Almost 90% of Portuguese Internet users use social networks

Over the past year, 3,593,000 Portuguese have accessed social networking sites from their homes, which corresponds to 87.2 percent of the total universe of Portuguese Internet users, reveals the latest analysis from / Netpanel, from Marktest.

In total, more than 7.2 billion pages were viewed – an average of 2008 per user – and something like 51.5 million hours spent browsing sites dedicated to online social contact (about 14 hours and 19 hours). minutes per person).

The comparative analysis also shows that the use of sites such as hi5, Facebook, Netlog, Flickr or MySpace became more intensive during the last months of the year, mainly with regard to the time dedicated to navigation, which peaked in December: 6 million hours.

October was the month with the largest number of unique users (2,405 thousand) and September gained in number of pages visited: more than 690 million.

Within the genre, hi5 has once again reinforced its dominant position with regard to the preferences of the Portuguese during the past year. The social network registered more than 3 million unique users, more than 5,000 pages viewed and 30.7 million hours of browsing.

Facebook was the second most requested service but, although in the number of visitors it manages to reach 2.2 million, in number of pages visited (937 thousand) and in time spent browsing (12 million hours) it does not seem to be an «affront» to the first classified.