Allo, Google’s rival for WhatsApp, gets Web version to use on PC

Allo, Google's rival for WhatsApp, gets Web version to use on PC

Google Allo, rival WhatsApp messenger for Android and iOS (iPhone), won on Tuesday (15) a version to use on the PC. THE Allo Web takes to the computer the chat that was previously exclusive to cell phones, including Google Assistant artificial intelligence, the main differential in relation to the competition. Launched in 2016 and, a year later, it uses the same templates as WhatsApp Web to connect the smartphone to the PC via QR code. The novelty, for now, is exclusive to Google Chrome for Windows and macOS.

How to upload photos, videos, stickers and location on Google Allo

See more details about the features available on Allo Web, which functions of the mobile app have not been added in the desktop version, their main differences in relation to the rival messenger and how to access it on the computer.

Google Allo gets web version for Chrome – Photo: Disclosure / Google

What’s in the web version?

In addition to the virtual assistant, Allo for web comes with several functions already present on the phone, such as emojis, stickers, and file sharing. Another highlight is the smart responses, which help you to chat with friends quickly without having to type all the words. Allo promises to understand the context and suggest automatic messages, which only require a touch to use. As the resource uses machine learning, the tendency is that the suggestions improve over time and look like answers that the user himself would give.

The Allo web app also allows you to create individual (one person) or group chats. In «anonymous chat», the software uses encryption to preserve the information exchanged from the interception of third parties.

Allo Web has the same smart responses as the mobile app – Photo: Disclosure / Google

The Google Assistant is the main attraction of Allo. As in the mobile application, the artificial intelligence of the search giant is available in isolation for independent consultations and also within chat with friends. In the latter case, the idea is to use the resource to organize events, search for reservations in hotels, restaurants and relevant information to feed the conversation.

Regarding the version for smartphones with Android or iOS, Allo Web is responsible for sharing audio recorded on the spot (it is possible to send sounds already recorded in .mp3 format), GPS location, GIFs and webcam photos. In addition, Allo in the browser does not offer keyword search for emojis.

Like WhatsApp, Allo for Web also requires a mobile phone connected at all times to function. If the smartphone runs out of Internet, messages sent in the chat are not reached, and the contact list is inaccessible.

On the other hand, Allo loses to the rival when transferring files. While WhatsApp supports any format, the Google solution is restricted to the most popular file extensions .pdf, .docs, .apk, .zip and .mp3.

2 of 3 Allo Web requires a connected cell phone – Photo: Reproduction / Paulo Alves

Allo Web requires connected cell phone – Photo: Reproduction / Paulo Alves

Logging in is similar to WhatsApp web (remember in the video).

How to use WhatsApp on your computer - Tutorial

How to use WhatsApp on your computer – Tutorial

Just open the Allo app on your phone, access the new item “Allo for Web” in the side menu and read a code QR Allo Web ( using Google Chrome. Then, the user’s account is synchronized and automatically retrieves pre-existing conversations to continue them on the desktop.

3 of 3 Allo Web works with QR code – Photo: Reproduction / Paulo Alves

Allo Web works with QR code – Photo: Reproduction / Paulo Alves