Alliance brings United States and Britain together to fight spam

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The US Congressional Internet Caucus and the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group have decided to join forces in the fight against junk mail, commonly referred to as spam, or spim, when applied to instant messaging.

With the initiative, the political bodies claim to want to improve communication between the two countries in the areas of electronic commerce, as well as to tighten laws in the area of ​​electronic commerce. email unsolicited, as explained by Derek Wyatt, president of the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group. «We will share best practices regarding combating spam«, assured C | Net.

To carry out their objectives, the two bodies will meet once a year, «in the United States or in the United Kingdom», said the same official.

In the near term, the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group intends to discuss in the English parliament the reformulation of a law currently in force in that country, the Computer Misuse Act. denial of service attacks and the determination of prison sentences for crimes of hacking two and three years, so.

Created in 1996, the US Congressional Internet Caucus, focuses on areas such as security, digital rights management and technology wireless. Formed by 170 members, including senators and congressmen, Caucus also has an advisory committee that includes several technology companies.

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