Alleged specs and images from GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max [RUMOR]

The last few days have been interesting for those waiting for the next generation of cameras. GoPro. Rumors from China have spread what may be some of the specs of the future GoPro Hero 8 and a few hours later came images of a new GoPro Max.

According to what leaked, the GoPro Hero 8 be announced in September with a "new design" and optional housing for new accessories like microphone, LED light / flash, mobile screen and others. She being able to record videos 4K at 120fps (frames per second) and Full HD at 480fps, with enhanced lens and image quality, and also come with GP2 chip.

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One of the "unconfirmed" information, according to Photo Rumors, The 12MP camera sensor (assuming all this is rumored) and there is no mention of battery life and autonomy so far. Gives GoPro Hero 6 to the Hero 7, the highlight was the improvement in image stabilization. Now, by the way, the company is trying to improve its filming and give its camera user more tools.

J the future GoPro Max has been identified in the records of the Japanese Ministry of Communications and should be the model for replacing GoPro Fusion 360. It is also in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) records under code "SPCC1", but possible specifications have not been shared.

What can be deduced from the images you see below that the camera is still under development and we can bet on a slightly different look until its announcement. One of the features that catches the eye is the size of the digital screen, which may improve the user's ability to choose between 360 or one-sided mode. The overall dimensions of the camera should not be so different from the Fusion model.

Now that other big companies like DJI are entering the action camera market, GoPro will have to run after its market. And since we mentioned the GoPro Fusion 360, be sure to check out her full review here in the Connected World:

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