Alleged PJ alert is virus

The message that warns of an alert from the Judicial Police on computer security is false, where the authority calls for the installation of a Microsoft protection program. In a press release the authority warns that the message hides a computer virus.

“The message in question is false and does constitute a breach of security for users of the Internet and electronic mail”, the statement emphasizes.

According to the same source, the attempted fraud comes from a South American server. The necessary measures have already been taken to guarantee international cooperation and stop the sending of messages. The PJ also guarantees that at the internal level it is developing “other steps”.

The Judiciary Police’s warning regarding this false alert also contains recommendations for those who receive the message.

The PJ warns users not to execute the commands proposed in the message, otherwise “they may damage your operating system and disclose personal data”.

TeK tried to get more details from the PJ about the case but it was not possible.

The aspect of the message that uses the identity of the Judicial Police is this: